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Les erreurs à ne pas commettre : Top 5 des pires tatouages chez les femmes


De tout temps, les hommes ont utilisé leur corps comme une toile d’expression. L’art du tatouage est une pratique ancestrale qui date de la Préhistoire et a évolué au fil du temps, marquant différentes civilisations, cultures et continents par leurs styles distinctifs. Aujourd’hui aussi, le tatouage est toujours à la mode, et chaque tatouage a généralement une histoire à raconter.

Un tatouage n’est pas seulement un dessin décoratif sur la peau, c’est une encre que l’on choisit de porter pour la vie. Une marque symbolique qui peut représenter un large éventail de signification, de la commémoration d’un souvenir cher ou d’une leçon importante, à l’affirmation d’une croyance ou d’une passion, à un simple choix artistique et esthétique. Cependant, tout tatouage n’apporte pas forcément un plaisir éternel. Certains peuvent même se transformer en une source d’amertume et de regrets.

Alors, mesdames, avant de vous précipiter pour vous tatouer cet adorable petit papillon sur la cheville ou cette citation inspirante sur votre avant-bras, il est essentiel de prendre du recul et de réfléchir profondément à votre décision. Dans ce billet, j’aimerais partager avec vous mon top 5 des pires tatouages chez les femmes que j’ai rencontrés au cours de ma carrière, et les leçons importantes que je pense que toutes les femmes peuvent tirer de ces erreurs.

Les cinq pires tatouages chez les femmes et les leçons à tirer

Les tatouages mal orthographiés

Imaginez le scénario suivant : Vous êtes une grande fan de philosophie et vous décidez de vous faire tatouer votre citation préférée de Socrate en grec ancien. Vous l’écrivez dans Google Traduction, vous l’imprimez et vous l’apportez à votre tatoueur de confiance. Years down the line, you meet a Greek person and they point out that your tattoo is full of spelling mistakes, rendering it meaningless or worse still, saying something entirely different from what you intended. Such a horrific scenario isn’t it? One of the most common tattoo blunders women commit is getting a word or phrase tattooed in a foreign language they don’t understand, relying on Google Translate or a similar unreliable source for translation.

The lesson here is twofold. First, never get a tattoo in a language you don’t understand without consulting a fluent speaker. Secondly, for any text tattoo, always ensure to double-check the spelling, grammar, punctuation and meaning before getting inked. You certainly don’t want to end up becoming a laughing stock or have to leave with a permanent spelling or grammatical error on your skin.

Les tatouages de noms de petit(e) ami(e) ou d’ex-partenaires

One of the most typical tattoo mistakes many women commit is getting the name of a current lover or partner inked on their skin. While it may seem romantic and a grand gesture of love at the moment, nothing guarantees that the love will last forever. Should the relationship end, what was once a sweet reminder of love can turn into a painful reminder of a love lost.

The lesson here is to avoid getting names of lovers or anyone for that matter, as people can walk out of your life, but the tattoo stays with you forever. If you still want to honor your love in the form of a tattoo, opt for a design that symbolizes your relationship pro beat a shared experience, rather than a name which can lead to regret later.

Les tatouages inappropriés ou offensants

Regardless of what kind of tattoo you get, always remember that it is a part of your public image and how you represent yourself to world. Flaunting a tattoo that is discriminatory, racist, crude, or simply offensive is a bad idea for multiple reasons. Not only can it repel social acceptance, but it also gives a negative impression and lacks respect for others.

The lesson is clear: always consider the implications of your tattoo not just on yourself but on others too. Avoid any derogatory, vulgar, or offensive tattoo designs that can land you into trouble or draw unnecessary negative attention. Aim for a tattoo that you can proudly show off without upsetting or offending anyone.

Les tatouages mal réalisés

Whether you’re getting a tattoo of an inspiring quote, a complex piece of art, or a simple symbol, the last thing you want is a disaster on your skin. Letting an amateur friend, an untrained tattoo enthusiast, or a non-qualified tattoo artist create your tattoo can yield mediocre results, seriously mar your look, and even expose you to infections.

The lesson is to always ensure to choose a professional and experienced tattoo artist to get your tattoo. View their past work, check client testimonials and ensure that they follow proper hygiene procedures before letting them ink you. Remember, a well-done tattoo not only looks spectacular but also keeps you safe from any potential health risks.

Les tatouages sur un coup de tête

Many women, particularly young girls, often get their first tattoo on an impulse without giving it adequate thought. Often, these tattoos have no meaning or personal significance, apart from being trendy or fashionable. This is why many women become dissatisfied with their tattoos in the future.

The key lesson here is to recollect that a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and hence it should be something you can relate to and cherish for a lifetime. Avoid getting trendy tattoos that lack a personal meaning. The trends might come and go, but your tattoo stays forever. So, go for a tattoo that truly represents you and holds a deeper meaning or significance for you.

How to Avoid These Mistakes

Here are some quick tips to avoid these common tattoo regrets:

Think before you ink: A tattoo is forever. Hence, ensure to have a clear vision and meaning behind your ink. Make sure to spend enough time thinking about your tattoo choice and its significance. Assess your lifestyle, your job specifications (some workplaces do not allow visible tattoos), your personal style and preferences. It might be wise to draw the tattoo somewhere visible to you and live with it for some time to see if you still like it after some time.

Choose a competent and professional tattoo artist: Do not pick your artist on a whim or because they are cheap. This is a permanent decision, and your artist’s skill and experience will have a direct impact on the outcome. Do your research, find a reputable artist and studio, and ensure that they practice good hygiene and sanitation.

Avoid getting word or phrase tattoos without thorough verification: If you choose to get words, quotes, or phrases tattooed, make sure of their exact meaning and correct spelling. If you’re choosing a foreign language for your tattoo, ensure to consult a language expert or a native speaker to avoid any inadvertent blunders.

The Potential Impact of These Tattoo Mistakes

Making a tattoo mistake can have significant consequences, such as:

Socio-economic consequences: Depending on your profession and workplace, visible offensive or inappropriate tattoos can reduce your employment prospects or negatively impact your professional image. This can affect your career growth and economic stability.

Mental health impact: Regretting a tattoo can lead to stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, and body image issues. You might also face judgment, ridicule or discomfort from family, friends, colleagues, and others. It might also impact your relationships and social interactions, causing mental health issues.

Financial implications: Lastly, tattoo removal is a costly and time-consuming process which may require multiple sessions and can cause scarring. This can create economic burdens and physical health risks, specifically if multiple or large tattoos are involved.


Tattoos are an age-old art form that reflects a part of your identity, your feelings, your beliefs, and your story. When thoughtfully chosen and well-done, they can offer you a beautiful means of self-expression and artistic identity that is as unique as you are. Avoiding these common blunders can ensure that your tattoos remain a source of joy, pride, and positive personal expression. So, always remember to ponder upon the purpose of getting a tattoo, choose wisely, and take good care of your tattoos to keep them looking fresh and vibrant for years to come.


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